What is TMS?


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS, is an evidence-based, non-invasive medical procedure used to treat depression in patients who have not fully recovered from depression symptoms with medications alone. This is an FDA approved treatment that is now covered by insurers at little or no cost. Treatments are performed by Jarod Masci MD, board-certified psychiatrist, assisted by a comprehensive treatment team unparalleled in Western New York. Unlike medications, TMS does not have systemic side effects and is safe for nearly all patients with depression. Treatment sessions last under 20 minutes, are non-invasive, and are performed in our comfortable "Old Buffalo Mansion," the Florentine Building in the Allentown District of Buffalo. 

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Jarod Masci MD


president, landmark health systems

ABPN Board Certified Psychiatrist 2012

Dr. Jarod Masci is a proud Western New York native and longtime resident of Buffalo, NY. He founded Landmark Health Systems in 2012 to provide an alternative to the assembly-line, medication focused psychiatric care that patients too often have to settle for. His vision was to provide individualized, personalized services integrating cutting edge science and the nearly forgotten art of listening. His hand-selected clinical team share his enthusiasm and desire to treat patients as individuals, with kindness and respect for patients' choices at the forefront.  



Jacobs School of Medicine, University at Buffalo
MD, 2008

University at Buffalo
B.A. Biology, B.S. Psychology 2004

Assistant Clinical Professor, Jacobs School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine

Licensed Physician, New York