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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS, is an evidence-based, non-invasive medical procedure used to treat depression in patients who have not fully recovered from depression symptoms with medications alone. This is an FDA approved treatment that is now covered by insurers at little or no cost. Treatments are performed by Jarod Masci MD, board-certified psychiatrist, assisted by a comprehensive treatment team unparalleled in Western New York. Unlike medications, TMS does not have systemic side effects and is safe for nearly all patients with depression. Treatment sessions last under 20 minutes, are non-invasive, and are performed in our comfortable "Old Buffalo Mansion," the Florentine Building in the Allentown District of Buffalo. 




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Landmark Health Systems: Additional Services

Medication management

TMS can be used in conjunction with, or in place of, traditional psychiatric medications. Landmark Health Services focuses on limiting the use of medications to minimize side effects and interactions. Dr. Jarod Masci MD, a board-certified psychiatrist, focuses on patient education and discussion of all potential risks and benefits before recommending any medications. 

medical marijuana

In New York State, medical cannabis is now available for the treatment of chronic pain, PTSD, and other medical ailments that can complicate the treatment of depression. Treatment is overseen by Dr. Masci in conjunction with our specially trained clinical pharmacist at no additional cost.  In order for TMS to be most effective, all aspects of a person are addressed and treatment is as individual as the person 


An experienced and energetic team of counselors and psychologists including Kelly Ghani LMHC, Angela Territo LMHC, and Dr. Michael Infranco PhD, provide counseling and psychotherapy to all patients receiving TMS. Depression is complicated, and a comprehensive approach can help patients learn new coping skills, understand their symptoms, and focus on positive behavioral change. 

clinical pharmacist consultations

Dr. Maria Janda PharmD is a clinical pharmacist, a resource that few medical practices are able to offer. Consultation for medication education and drug interaction risk management, as well as genetic testing to streamline medication choice, are available as a complement to traditional psychiatric medications and medical marijuana services.

addiction treatment

Alcohol and substance addiction does not discriminate. Depression can be the result of substance use, be worsened by substance use, and is often a part of a depressed person's attempts to relieve their pain. At Landmark Health Systems we address these concerns with counseling, medications, and a non-judgmental atmosphere. Dr. Jarod Masci is a board-certified addiction medicine specialist who oversees each patient's treatment plan personally. 

nutrition and weight management 

Rose Duggan, RN, is our nurse specialist and patient care coordinator who spearheads Landmark Health Systems' nutrition consultation and weight management services. Non-judmental, personalized care plans are provided to assist patients in their ongoing health and wellness goals long after TMS treatments have been concluded. 


TMS provides an evidence-based alternative to medications alone. More importantly, it provides hope to those patients suffering from depression who are not responding to medications. These patients deserve more than treatment as usual.
— Jarod Masci MD

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